Litter Awareness

Copyright Community Change, 2003, Cartoonist Kerry Millard.

Welcome to Litter Awareness!

Our mission is to raise awareness of the impact of litter and single-use plastics, bring about positive and permanent changes, and create new and lasting habits when it comes to caring for our Earth.


Litter Awareness is an educational and active community program that is available near you!


We welcome people to visit our Facebook Page to post a local EVENT, share stories and pictures, or just to show your support! We will update our Page with events in our own home town of West Haven and throughout the state of Connecticut.

Even if you don't want to volunteer for a day, helping out is easy! As you walk down the street, bring a bag of some kind. Pick up litter off  the beach, clean-up your local parks and streets, even in your own backyard! Every little bit we all do can make a huge impact!