Litter Awareness

Copyright Community Change, 2003, Cartoonist Kerry Millard.

Welcome to Litter Awareness!

Our mission is to raise awareness of the impact of litter locally and globally, bring about positive and permanent changes, connect other activists, and share events and news. 


  • According to over 51 billion pieces of litter wind up on America's roads
  • ​38-50% of litter are cigarette butts
  • 55% of littering is done on purpose
  • Most common objects are: straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic utensils, fast food wrappers, candy wrappers, beverage cans, polystyrene cups and containers, and paper bags
  • 80% of marine litter comes from land
  • According to more than 8 million tons of plastics ends up in our the oceans each year
  • By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans
  • Single-use plastics are filling up our oceans, harming sea life, and contaminating the food chain
Together we can make our planet a healthier place to live! ​ Connect with us on Facebook to join the discussion!

Sticky Green Noses Help Save the Brook ​is a wonderful tale of two boys who see more than water in the brook near their house...they see a lot of garbage that doesn’t belong. 


Luckily they are able to get some help with cleaning up the polluted brook. At the same time, they send out the message of how important it is not to litter. Please read more about how two boys can make a difference!

GET INVOLVED is an educational and active community program that is available near you!


We welcome people to visit our Facebook Page to post a local EVENT, share stories and pictures, or just to show your support! We will update our Page with events in our own home town of West Haven and throughout the state of Connecticut.

Even if you don't want to volunteer for a day, helping out is easy! As you walk down the street, bring a bag of some kind. Pick up litter off  the beach, clean-up your local parks and streets, even in your own backyard! Every little bit we all do can make a huge impact!