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Single Use Plastics are only used ONCE before they are thrown away!

The problem is that many of us use WAY MORE PLASTIC than we need to, and half of the plastic that is produced is made to be used just once and then thrown away! Plastic takes over 400 years to decompose (break down), it stays in the natural world and causes a lot of damage to our environment, animals, and possibly to us!!


*Studies are showing plastics are showing up in our food chain. We can be EATING A CREDIT CARD'S WORTH OF PLASTIC EACH WEEK! 


THE BIG 3- Straws, Utensils, and Bags

Instead of using plastic cups, straws, and lids... use reusable

cups, bamboo or metal straws, and go lidless. Not using straws or lids make a big difference.


Instead of using plastic utensils, use metal or bamboo.


Say "NO!" to plastic bags! Plastic bags are only used for about 15 minutes before getting thrown away. Reusable bags are a great solution.