When I was a little girl, I saw a commercial on T.V. that had an American Indian man who cried after he saw litter thrown and scattered on the ground and floating in the ocean.

(See commercial here).

 This commercial left quite an impact on me. I began to notice litter in many places.

  As I was growing up in West Haven, CT. , I played near a brook that ran along a street, under a road and then and into the Long Island Sound. This was near my house and I played there often. ( In fact I still live near there).  When I played, I would notice litter in the brook and I felt a natural obligation to clean it up, so I did!

As I grew older, I would take my nieces and nephews down to the brook to play and clean up the litter.  This is where the idea for my children's book, “Sticky Green Noses Help Save the Brook” came from. While I was publishing the book, I felt I wanted to use it as a catalyst to begin an educational program dedicated to the topic. 

Through this program, I hope to encourage and empower everybody to do their part.  There are simple things we can do every day to make a difference. I take an active part in cleaning up litter in and around my hometown of West Haven, Connecticut. I hope you will join in the effort (wherever you live) to help sustain our beautiful Earth we all live on!


I have been an elementary school teacher, for the past 24 years in my hometown of West Haven.  I feel I am in the perfect setting to spread the message about how litter and single-use plastics are big problems, but there are solutions. I visit schools, camps, and other settings where I can speak to children about it. I create awareness and I demonstrate how we can make a difference. I continually research and educate myself so I can pass along relevant, current, and important information.

We can all engage in positive behaviors when it comes to litter. If children are shown and taught the positive actions they can take, they see first hand the difference they can make! 

It is very effective!

I would love for you check out my "Single-Use Plastic Sweatshirt" videos and lessons on my You-Tube Channel, and to visit my Facebook Page  . Please continue to check this site for updated news, information, personal thoughts, and events. I am also available to speak publicly on the topic. (Visit the CONTACT page to reach me).  I want to encourage everyone to do their part. Let me know if there is an area that needs cleaning or send in a photo of you doing a clean-up, and I will post it in the "Litter Gallery"!


Thank you for visiting!

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