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As I was growing up in West Haven, CT,  I played near a brook that ran along a street, under a road, and then into the Long Island Sound. This was near my house and I played there often. ( In fact I still live near there).  When I played, I would notice litter in the brook and I felt a natural obligation to clean it up, so I did!

As I grew older, I would take my nieces and nephews down to the brook to play and clean up the litter.  This is where the idea for my children's book, “Sticky Green Noses Help Save the Brook” came from. While I was publishing the book, I felt I wanted to use it as a catalyst to begin an educational program dedicated to the topic. 


I've created a program called Litter Awareness to teach about the consequences of littering and single-use plastics. There are simple things we can do every day that will make a difference. I hope you will join me in creating new habits to bring about change.



The stories behind my clothes made out

of single-use plastics.

Watch My Single-Use Plastics Sweatshirt Lessons on YouTube

Caps can accumulate quickly. We use BILLIONS of plastic drink bottles every year. That means there are BILLIONS of caps that go with them.

Can you guess how many caps are on the pants?

About Stacey

I have been an elementary school teacher, for the past 24 years in my hometown of West Haven.  I feel I am in the perfect setting to spread the message about how litter and single-use plastics are big problems, but there are solutions. I visit schools, camps, libraries, and other educational settings where I can speak to children about it. I create awareness and I demonstrate how we can make a difference. I continually research and educate myself so I can pass along relevant, current, and important information.

We can all engage in thoughtful behaviors when it comes to litter and single-use plastics.


Stacey Giaquinto
Litter Awareness, LLC Founder


If you're interested in my programs, please send me a message

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