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Upcoming Workshops

March 20, 2024-  Literacy Night at Forest School 5:30 pm- 7:00 pm
March 27, 2024- WHCH After School Program @ Forest School 3:45 -4:30
April 11, 2024- Madison Public Library 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm
April 20, 2024- Milford Public Library  11:00 am - 12:00 pm
April 25, 2024- WHCH  After School Program @ Elm St. 4:30 pm- 5:30 pm
April 29, 2024- Brewster Elementary - Durham 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm
May 16, 2024- WHHC After School Program @ Savin Rock 3:45 pm -4:45 pm

Litter Awareness in Action!

I am looking to book dates in local libraries to present my program. I am available evenings and weekends for the Fall/Winter/Spring and then I can add daytimes for Summer 2024.


My program varies depending on the age group. I am an elementary school teacher, so K-4 is my specialty, but I adapt my presentation for middle school and high school ages.


During my presentation, I wear a homemade single use plastic outfit, I provide information on littering and plastic use, and start discussions using a Google Slide presentation. I also show some of my YouTube videos. I follow up with Q and A and finish up with making bottle cap necklaces as a craft. Depending on the age group, I may read the book I wrote (Sticky Green Noses Help Save the Brook) which is a story about kids cleaning up litter. 


I charge $250 but I am open to discussing the cost.  I can also get references upon request.


I hope this is something you are interested in. I look forward to hearing from you!          

Creating Bottle Cap Necklaces


If you're interested in my programs, please send me a message

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