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Caring for our Earth

Education on Litter and Single Use Plastics

What I Do


Our mission is to raise awareness of the impact of litter and single-use plastics, bring about positive and permanent changes, and create new and lasting habits when it comes to caring for our Earth.



Litter Awareness is an educational and active community program. We organize local volunteer-based community clean-ups.



Our events are brought to local organizations to help spread the awareness of litter and plastics on our environment.


What can you do to help with litter and single-use plastics?

We can all do our part by creating new habits! For example, pick up litter off the beach, clean-up your local streets and parks, and keep the front of your house litter-free!  Reduce the amount of single-use plastics you use. Every little bit we do will add up to make a huge impact! Read more about the consequences of litter and single-use plastics. Be a part of spreading the message, not the mess!

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I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's wonderful program! The kids and parents were so engaged; they were clearly learning a lot and having a great time while doing it! I thought it was wonderful, as well. I particularly loved that you gave the students options that would help them make a difference. Thanks again for a great event! Hopefully we will be working together again soon.

Deirdre J. -  Danbury Teen Librarian

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